22 January 2014

- Windows startup supported The software Rakabulle Contains many features, including a particularly interesting that allows the stub to be automatically launched when Windows starts.
Many other binders do not support this feature, which nevertheless opens incredible opportunities.
Although this boot is detected by Windows in the process list, the vast majority of users will not see that ! Even a person who will delve into the process and killera the stub one, seen it back repeatedly each time you restart Windows.
It can also be used for malicious purposes such as launching malware every time you start Windows, totally discreet.
It can be also used for throwing temporary files cache cleaning programs that could compromise the operation of the main program contained in the rack.
- Does not require administrator rights.
The executable can be launched without special rights on any Windows user session. From that moment, everything become possible! One benefit of this feature is that it greatly expanded the targets which are intended executables. They can also be run on Windows laptops in companies which hamper the users rights of their employees.
This possibility reinforces ultimately the concept of portability and improves the appearance of ease of implementation and software executables that will be generated. In the case of use for non ethicists, this functionality removes a Windows check in the infection of a computer process.
These features combine very well! Imagine that only one double click, without having administrator rights, several programs are executed and scheduled to be launched each time Windows starts at the same time! Take time to think about it and let your imagination fuel your thirst for experiences.

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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