31 January 2014

Hello to everyone
Our first software is exit 14-01-13 that day our goal is on the verge of being achieved thanks to you all, from is made Rakabulle Team thank you for your support.During our adventures we have had to overcome technical problems to which caused the damage at the level of SEO and other who could be resolved thanks to your cooperation which was essential to us.
We also thank all our Facebook fan that we like our page as well as our Youtube fan who dedicate some minutes of their time to watch our video of presentation, we do not forget the follow-up to our faithful users of other social networks (Twitter, Google +, Viadeo, Linkedin) that we have been very valuable in our communication campaign.
Rakabulle team receive all your comments and we take account, your comment as your tweet are very valuable in our eyes they allow us to advanced and take of back order to given a product worthy of your expectations, so don't hesitate to sent comments of ideas or any other suggestions. Thank you for the interest that you take to our project.
Thank you as it should, we decided that the site will remain open much longer and that another update will be available they are of course free download to be able to fully enjoy. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for other plugin comes very soon the screenshot (see Remote Desktop), capture webcam if those if it is / are present (s) and the FileManager.
Thanks :)

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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