22 January 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to Rakabulle site, you may be wondering what this strange word means. This is simply a fancy word that is assigned to a software very easy to use and powerful enough security only works on Windows and is also a free download.
What is this software? What is its purpose?
Its basic function is to bring three objects, this can be an executable, image or other. How does it work?
All begin with a binder file, this is a tool that brings together multiple files into a single identity, much like the rings on a workbook that is used to group all the sheets.
The binder will extract the files to a temporary directory, then run. You will say "ok but several software allows to use this feature as Winrar."
Yes indeed the only difference with our product and it dont shows any window. Everything is done in full transparency.
This is a security software because it uses the binder technology. Considerable Hackers or Script kiddies use such tools to hide the list of top malware (malware). It is an ideal tool for studying this kind of behavior.
This small software can be used for private purposes such as to launch multiple installations at the same time, where this malicious purposes YMMV !
This is the general principle, but this is not all: he has a lot of features all very helpful, they will all be explained in detail to show you the power of software. If you are interested I strongly encourage you to read the different articles.
Remember that several changes will be added to make it more attractive and interest.

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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