21 January 2014

Here are the first information regarding the future rakabulle plugin.

At first place I thought it would be sufficient to simply code a basic multi reverse shell but finally I decide to push the level higher as always and make something much complex and also very stable.

The first version of the plugin should be available within few days since there is a very large amount of work to put in it.

In a first version only the Remote Shell function will be available; in a second version the Remote File Manager will be added. I would not add any further functions since I don’t want to code a full remote administration tool.

The program will be propose in a plugin compiled version and a basic application version.

This means you will be able to use the application as a plugin for the RCE Rakabulle file Binder or without the binder as a standalone program.

For the network protocol, I decide to use the same basis of DarkComet but fully revisited to be more stable / clear and fast.

I must admit the most difficult part was to code the multi user support in addition of the multi tabbed dos window. It combines two huge difficulties in one and makes me headache to achieve my goal but I finally did it! :)

Also I almost succeed to get the exact behavior of a real Windows terminal using a basic rich edit control. It’s not perfect as I would like to but it still better than a basic memo with a text box for command submission. I will try to improve the component asap.

Things you must know, programming isn’t magic most of behaviors looks easy at first place but behind them it’s the anarchy (combining objects / threads objects / forms template (frames) etc… When a user communicate with you, you must know to what function / form it needs to be rerouted then which tab and access this tab control. This sucks so hard but well if programming was an easy task everyday where would be the pleasure?

The actual function list is:
- Stub generation, with a popup (I don’t want to get fucked again)
- Reverse Connection (Users are displayed as past MSN style)
- You can bookmark user
- Online / Offline users are sorted by groups
- Multi tabbed reverse shell. (freaky part)
- Full user information form
- Proudly coded using the great Winsock API and not higher level standard components.

Be patient you might enjoy this new product !

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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