24 January 2014

A new plugin is available and not any plugin, the Reverse Shell plugin.

But what is the Reverse Shell ?
For those who don’t know what is the Reverse Shell, it’s the possibility to perform some shell’s commands from a remote machine windows terminal. it’s a powerful tool who let you access to the extended target system.

The advantage of the Reverse Shell is that we are not block by the firewall of the target machine. That is to say that the target machine send us the desired data. it can be used for a malicious utilisation for obtain information from the wanted machine.

For used this, you just need to download the Reverse Shell from the home page and generate a client, who’s gonna be send to the targe person. the RS behaves as a server, where we realize command via terminal.

The functionalities are :

  • The possibility to generate a client programme, who’s gonna be executed on the target computer, and perform shell’s commands from the server
  • The possibility to keep in memoir the different client targeted, put them in favorites
  • Generate some windows terminal in order to perform some shell command from the wanted machine
It can be used independently, but also can be used with the file binder Rakabulle with the possibility of generated a dll file, that can be run seamlessly !

After the base plugin, and the client/server plugin, we move to the next level with the Reverse Shell plugin. This new plugin is now available with the Rakabulle software.

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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