01 February 2014

How to code your own plugins in an easy way.

You can code your plugins in any programming language which support Microsoft DLL compilation. However we will talk about the Delphi way, in another language it is basically the same just respect the name of exported procedures / function and variable type.

Compile the base plugin.

Firstly you will need to install a Delphi IDE, we recommend Delphi XE since it support Unicode but it isn’t free! We have uploaded a free version of Delphi which can successfully build our base plugin download it here:
Lien : Delphi

When installed, you can now open the “base.dpr” file located in the Rakabulle package with the Delphi IDE.

You can now modify the plugin or simply compile our example by clicking on the green play icon button in the top area. Notice it is recommended to use the Build option instead of the green play icon when running plugin compilation since the play button is there to compile + run.

Plugin structure :

To be able to code your own plugins you must respect the base of this one.
The first section is the basic information about the plugin (showed in the Rakabulle Binder program).
pluginName : The name of the plugin
pluginAuthor : The name of the coder of the plugin
pluginDescription : A full description of the plugin, there is no limitation but if you write everything inline Delphi might raise an error, then truncate the constant string in many parts using the + operator.
Example : const myStr = ‘hello world’ + ‘ How are you’ + ‘ Fine and you’; etc…
pluginVersion : The version of the plugin, it is a basic string, you can then put whatever as version.

The second section contains important functions, these functions are necessary to the binder to access the above basic information. You might not touch any of them if you don’t want further errors.

The third section _DLLEntryPoint is the part which contains your own code, when the plugin will be loaded in the host process everything in this procedure will be executed.

Feel free to ask for help if you don’t understand something. Notice if you code your own plugins feel free to send them to us if they are great we will officially release them with of course your nickname !

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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