28 January 2014

As soon we have released our new software for the University Challenge, we were pleased to see that many peoples were enjoying our hard work. This fact motives us even more to make something even better and functional! Thank you so much guys!!!
If you missed that tool, in few words it allows you like a tiny Remote Access Tool to administrate any local or remote computers. Actually we propose in our first version the Multi Remote Shell but very soon we will improve that project and add numerous of new functionalities.
Some of these future functionalities would be:
- Remote desktop capture
- Remote webcam capture (if some webcam are detected as plugged)
- File Manager (Similar to basic FTP but using our own protocol of transfer / communications)
We will come back soon as possible with more details about these new add-ons and how to merge this awesome piece of software with our previous Rakabulle Binder project.
If you didn’t already knew, you can generate using the Reverse Shell tool a plugin output version which can be merged onto the binder project then the reverse shell tool will be injected to Microsoft Explorer / Internet Explorer useful for numerous reasons.
We will also soon release a tiny documentation about how to code your own plugins, feel free by the way to send us your own plugins we will expose them to our website with pleasure!
Don’t forget to follow our social networks (Rakabulle Project and DarkCoderSc) to know everything about our progress in the different matters and to regularly visit our official website to be sure you won’t miss anything which could in finality be important to know ;)

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Fabio Pinto aka Rakabulle Master

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