How to code your own plugins in an easy way.

You can code your plugins in any programming language which support Microsoft DLL compilation. However we will talk about the Delphi way, in another language it is basically the same just respect the name of exported procedures / function and variable type.

Compile the base plugin.

Firstly you will need to install a Delphi IDE, we recommend Delphi XE since it support Unicode but it isn’t free! We have uploaded a free version of Delphi which can successfully build our base plugin download it here:
Lien : Delphi

When installed, you can now open the “base.dpr” file located in the Rakabulle package with the Delphi IDE.

You can now modify the plugin or simply compile our example by clicking on the green play icon button in the top area. Notice it is recommended to use the Build option instead ... Read more

31 January 2014
Hello to everyone
Our first software is exit 14-01-13 that day our goal is on the verge of being achieved thanks to you all, from is made Rakabulle Team thank you for your support.During our adventures we have had to overcome technical problems to which caused the damage at the level of SEO and other who could be resolved thanks to your cooperation which was essential to us.
We also thank all our Facebook fan that we like our page as well as our Youtube fan who dedicate some minutes of their time to watch our video of presentation, we do not forget the follow-up to our faithful users of other social networks (Twitter, Google +, Viadeo, Linkedin) that we have been very valuable in our communication campaign.
Rakabulle team receive all your comments and we take account, your comment as your tweet are very valuable in our eyes they allow us to advanced and take of back order to given a product worthy of your expectations, so don't hesitate to sent comments of ideas or ... Read more
A new Rakabulle file binder version just came out today, we fixed some minor bugs such as the glitch when you were attempting to open files to the dropper using the Microsoft Windows open dialog.
We also changed the software banner to make the main window just a bit sexier!
We will very soon improve the project so keep watching us !
28 January 2014
As soon we have released our new software for the University Challenge, we were pleased to see that many peoples were enjoying our hard work. This fact motives us even more to make something even better and functional! Thank you so much guys!!!
If you missed that tool, in few words it allows you like a tiny Remote Access Tool to administrate any local or remote computers. Actually we propose in our first version the Multi Remote Shell but very soon we will improve that project and add numerous of new functionalities.
Some of these future functionalities would be:
- Remote desktop capture
- Remote webcam capture (if some webcam are detected as plugged)
- File Manager (Similar to basic FTP but using our own protocol of transfer / communications)
We will come back soon as possible with more details about these new add-ons and how to merge this awesome piece of software with our previous Rakabulle Binder pro ... Read more
26 January 2014
Today, thanks to your help, we went first in Google results. Thank you for your support. We are still working on new plugins to offer the best user experience on our software even better. A future we expect an improvement for Rakabulle file binder with the addition of initiation start in administrator mode, AES encryption resources.
Improved Rakabulle Remote Shell with the addition of a powerful reminiscent of DarkComet file managerand the addition of the desktop capture function with a special algorithm for connections at very low speed.
Do not hesitate to come to the site from time to time to follow the news and see the upcoming releases and enhancements, many other things are expected. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
A new plugin is available and not any plugin, the Reverse Shell plugin.

But what is the Reverse Shell ?
For those who don’t know what is the Reverse Shell, it’s the possibility to perform some shell’s commands from a remote machine windows terminal. it’s a powerful tool who let you access to the extended target system.

The advantage of the Reverse Shell is that we are not block by the firewall of the target machine. That is to say that the target machine send us the desired data. it can be used for a malicious utilisation for obtain information from the wanted machine.

For used this, you just need to download the Reverse Shell from the home page and generate a client, who’s gonna be send to the targe person. the RS behaves as a server, where we realize command via terminal.

The functionalities are :
  • The possibility to generate a cli ... Read more
- Windows startup supported The software Rakabulle Contains many features, including a particularly interesting that allows the stub to be automatically launched when Windows starts.
Many other binders do not support this feature, which nevertheless opens incredible opportunities.
Although this boot is detected by Windows in the process list, the vast majority of users will not see that ! Even a person who will delve into the process and killera the stub one, seen it back repeatedly each time you restart Windows.
It can also be used for malicious purposes such as launching malware every time you start Windows, totally discreet.
It can be also used for throwing temporary files cache cleaning programs that could compromise the operation of the main program contained in the rack.
- Does not require administrator rights.
The executable can be launched without special rights on any Windows user session. From th ... Read more
22 January 2014
Hello everyone and welcome to Rakabulle site, you may be wondering what this strange word means. This is simply a fancy word that is assigned to a software very easy to use and powerful enough security only works on Windows and is also a free download.
What is this software? What is its purpose?
Its basic function is to bring three objects, this can be an executable, image or other. How does it work?
All begin with a binder file, this is a tool that brings together multiple files into a single identity, much like the rings on a workbook that is used to group all the sheets.
The binder will extract the files to a temporary directory, then run. You will say "ok but several software allows to use this feature as Winrar."
Yes indeed the only difference with our product and it dont shows any window. Everything is done in full transparency.
This is a security software because it uses the binder technology. Considerable Hackers or Script kiddies use ... Read more
Here are the first information regarding the future rakabulle plugin.

At first place I thought it would be sufficient to simply code a basic multi reverse shell but finally I decide to push the level higher as always and make something much complex and also very stable.

The first version of the plugin should be available within few days since there is a very large amount of work to put in it.

In a first version only the Remote Shell function will be available; in a second version the Remote File Manager will be added. I would not add any further functions since I don’t want to code a full remote administration tool.

The program will be propose in a plugin compiled version and a basic application version.

This means you will be able to use the application as a plugin for the RCE Rakabulle file Binder or without the binder as a standalone program.

For the network protoc ... Read more

Hello everyone, after the Open Source plugin Client / Server and basic plugin that allows you to create your own plugin, we enter a much more powerful plugin, Reverse Shell .
The plugin will be launched tomorrow evening if no untoward against time just so oppose. This plugin will be much more than a plugin because it can be used standalone. The goal is to send DOS commands remotely in a very advanced Multi-Table interface.
DarkCoderSC also working on compiling Rakabulle 64 Bits .
Check back often to see us for all the news on the progress of software and plugins to come, do not hesitate to follow us on twitter and love Facebook page.
The next Rakabulle plugin will be the Remote Shell which would allow you to execute remote shell commands. The remote shell plugin will propose a user friendly interface which will support multi tabbed shell windows. Do not forget to regularly visit our website and follow our facebook account for lattest news.
18 January 2014
Fistly thank you for giving us that much visit for the Rakabulle project. We will tomorrow release a new open source plugin which demonstrate how to do a basic reverse connection module. Also in the week we will release a reverse shell plugin. Follow the progression from this page.
Plugin Reverse Shell rakabulle will be available soon.
This plugin will be accompanied by an open source plugin that will allow you to code your own plugin for client-server software rakabulle
18 January 2014
Rakabulle is officially released for his very first version , Enjoy and i'm waiting for your feedback.
Tons of plugins coming soon such as Reverse Shell (Multi window) and Remote Capture.

Here is the video (demonstration) of Rakabulle with a music specially composed for it
Rakabulle Binder is a project made for a « French University Challenge », it gives the possibility to merge many files (any type) in a single Microsoft Windows executable file.
When you execute this file, it will extract the merged files and execute them.
Rakabulle Binder also propose a special feature called ‘Remote Code Execution ‘ as plugins to run code on Explorer process (support 64bit systems).
We will release many plugins day by day and you can code your own plugins since the plugin base is open source.


Name Description
Name Rakabulle File Binder
Author Rakabulle is a security software that brings together into one executable multiple files. Rakabulle is extremely powerful test it.
Publication Date
Required Configuration Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Category Security Software
Size 2.6 Mo
0 $